Why Turmeric with Curcumin?

Curcumin Combats Dangerous Inflammation

You may have heard about the dangers of “silent” chronic inflammation.  Its been discussed by Dr. Oz and has made headlines in publications such as Newsweek and Time.  Its important for you to know that low-grade inflammation is rapidly becoming recognized as the rood cause of the development of cognitive decline, as well as a wide range of serious health problems.

Unfortunately, most people don’t do anything until the initial symptoms, such as muscle aches and joint discomfort, appear.  When this happens, their gut reaction often is to go see a doctor, who is unlikely to correctly diagnose the problem, and more than likely will prescribe drugs that are far from safe and only provide short-term benefits.

But the initial symptoms of pain are just the beginning.  If left unchecked, chronic inflammation can damage your body in many ways.  One of the worst examples of this is cognitive decline, which can ravage your memory and severely impact your quality of life in what should be your golden years.