Neuropathy Relief Formula

Our Neuropathy Relief Formula is a proprietary blend of a potent anti-oxidant compound and a powerful enzyme that successfully enhance one another to help produce many exciting benefits, such as:

  • Can provide relief from the Burning and Numbness, The Shooting, Stabbing and Tingling Sensations that often accompany Neuropathy
  • Can repair Nerve Damage and support Nerve Function
  • Can Provides Healthy Energy Support
  • May Strengthen the Immune System
  • Could Reduce Inflammation
  • Can support Rapid Wound Repair
  • Can help Healthy Cholesterol Level Management
  • May aid in the Extension of Life and Slowing of the Aging Process

Neuropathy now affects an estimated 20 million Americans. There are approximately 100 different causes of neuropathy, a condition that develops as a result of damage to the peripheral nervous system- the vast communications network that transmits information between the central nervous system (the brain and spinal cord) and every other part of the body. Neuropathy means nerve disease or nerve damage. Some of the symptoms associated with neuropathy can be quite aggressive and include pain, loss of sensation, tingling and even weakness, typically affecting the hands and feet.

Supplementation with Alpha-Lipoic Acid and Calcium-D Pantothenic have been an approved treatment for neuropathy since 1959. They have been shown to help repair nerve damage and support nerve function.

Pantothenic acid, also known as vitamin B5, has a long list of uses. People use it for health concerns such as; osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, nerve pain, protection against mental and physical stress and anxiety, reduce the signs of aging, increases immune system, chronic fatigue syndrome, dizziness, wound healing, just to name a few. It also aids in the prevention and treatment of shingles. 1 out of every 3 Americans that had chicken pox as a child will suffer with shingles at some point in their adult lifetime.

Alpha Lipoic Acid also has many health benefits, just to name a few; it has shown benefit against various forms of oxidation and inflammation. These effects carry on to benefits that protect one from heart diseases, liver diseases, diabetes and neurological decline that accompanies aging.

With our proprietary blend of these two components studies have shown that positive results may vary but with consistent use one can attain consistent results. Neuropathy Relief Formula can help you reach your goal to live the longest, healthiest, and highest quality of life possible!

Suggested Use as a dietary supplement is take one (1) capsule, twice daily with food and a full glass of water, or as directed by your healthcare professional.


Uses of Alpha-Lipoic Acid has been shown to help repair nerve damage and support nerve function. jointsSupplementation has been an approved treatment for neuropathy, specifically diabetic neuropathy since 1959.





Uses of Calcium D- Pantothenate

It is an essential nutrient so there are many benefit, specifically physical energy, healthy cholesterol management, joint function and rapid wound repair.



Joint Health:


Cholesterol Management:


Rapid Wound Repair: